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bulletIncreasing the productivity of indigenous goat production
bulletCreole ethnoveterinary medicine
bulletFarmers' benefits from crossbred versus indigenous goats
bulletEthnobotanical veterinary medicine in Campania (Italy)
bulletAbstracts from 1997 Pune conference on ethnoveterinary medicine


Conroy, C.  and Y. A. Thakur, 2002
Increasing the productivity of indigenous goat production systems through participatory research in ethno-veterinary medicine: a case study from India

Paper presented at the conference "Responding to the Increasing Global Demand for Animal Products", held in Merida, Mexico, on 12-15 November 2002. 

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The conference was organised by the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS), American Society of Animal Science and Mexican Society of Animal Production. 
Visit the BSAS website at www.bsas.org.uk for further summaries and details of
the conference.

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Lans, Cheryl. 2001.
Creole remedies: Case studies of ethnoveterinary medicine in Trinidad and Tobago. 
Wageningen University Dissertation no. 2992. Wageningen, Netherlands.

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Ayalew Kebede, Workneh. 2000
Do smallholder farmers benefit more from crossbred (Somali x Anglo-Nubian) than from indigenous goats?
Doctoral Dissertation, University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany.

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Muoio R. and B. Menale. 2001.
Preliminary study on plants used in ethnobotanical veterinary medicine in Campania region (Italy)
Paper submitted to the Third International Congress of Ethnobotany 'Etnobotanica Napoli 2001 - Ethnobotany in the Third Millennium: Expectations and Unresolved Issues', Naples, Italy - September 22-30, 2001.

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Mathias, E., D. V. Rangnekar, and C. M. McCorkle, eds. 1998.
Ethnoveterinary medicine: Alternatives for livestock development
Proceedings of an International Conference held in Pune, India, on November 4-6, 1997. Vol. 2: Abstracts. BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune, India.

Available at http://www.vetwork.org.uk/pune20.htm