A field manual of camel diseases

Traditional and modern veterinary care for the dromedary


The one-humped camel, or dromedary, is one of the world’s hardiest domesticated animals. A vital source of transport, meat, milk and income for pastoralists in the Sahel, East Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, the camel can carry heavy loads for days in some of the world’s most hostile conditions. But even camels fall ill.

A Field Manual of Camel Diseases is the first practical guide to camel diseases designed for use in low technology environments. The manual details some 80 major camel diseases and conditions, ranging from abortions to wry neck syndrome. For each disease, the authors give the disease signs, its causes, and simple prevention and treatment methods. Both scientific and tried and tested traditional treatments are presented, thus enabling the veterinarian or livestock practitioner to make the most appropriate choice in the prevailing circumstances. A section on procedures explains how to examine a camel, take samples for laboratory analysis and apply various types of medicines.

bulletWritten in straightforward language, avoiding scientific terminology wherever possible.
bulletTechnical vocabulary is explained in a comprehensive glossary.
bulletOrganised by the symptom or sign of the disease and the part of the body most affected to help rapid identification.
bulletLocal and scientific names of diseases and plants are given, enabling enhanced communication and understanding between pastoralist and veterinarian.
bulletA list of common medicines and their dosages acts as an aide-memoire.
bulletIllustrated throughout by artists familiar with camels to show clearly the diseases and how to treat them.

Compiled by Ilse Köhler-Rollefson, Paul Mundy and Evelyn Mathias. Published by ITDG Publishing and the League for Pastoral Peoples, 2000. 246 x 177 mm, 254 pages. ISBN: 185339503X. Price: GB pounds 12.95 or US$ 22.50 + postage.

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bulletITDG Publishing www.developmentbookshop.com/book.phtml?isbn=185339503X
bulletBarnes & Noble

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