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The following topic was compiled for 'A field manual of camel diseases: Traditional and modern health care for the dromedary'. For reasons not understandable to the authors the publisher refused to include the topic:


Gueule de bois (French), Kater (German), perasaan sakit pada waktu bangun pagi setelah minum minuman keras terlalu banyak (Indonesian), resaca (Spanish)

A rare but serious condition among authors and editors

bulletSevere pain in the head.
bulletRefusal to get up (>Downer).
bulletVomiting (>Problems of the stomach and intestines).
bulletTemporary blindness (wave your hand in front of the eyes to test this). >Eye problems.


bulletExcessive consumption of alcohol, usually after the submission of a manuscript to the publishers.


bulletDo not provide access to alcohol during the manuscript-submission season, especially after a long drought.
bulletFeed with sufficient snacks while consuming alcohol.
bulletDelay submitting manuscripts to publishers.
bulletAvoid writing or editing books.


bulletGrind 10 mg of roast coffee beans to powder. Mix with 250 ml of boiling water. Filter, allow to cool to 6070, and drench the liquid. Repeat if necessary. TRAD
bulletSlowly drench with small quantities of whisky. TRAD
bulletCover with blankets and allow to rest in a darkened place. After 24 hours, offer small quantities of feed and plenty of water. TRAD

(Topic author: Paul Mundy)